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it's time to change the rules

Who are we

At Rogues & Rebels, we unleash the rule-breaker within you to create new and innovative ways to live and lead. We are passionate about helping you tap into your unique strengths and leverage them to challenge the status quo in your own life and in the work you do in the world. Our approach is unconventional and outside the box. We tear up the rule book on how things 'should' be done, so you can create something truly unique at work, in your leadership, and in your life. We are committed to guiding you through the process of unlocking your full potential and providing you with the right tools to become a rebel with a cause.

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What we do

Rogues & Rebels is a coaching company with a twist. We offer coaching programs and 1-1 coaching contracts that unleash your inner rebel. Using our bespoke coaching process, we help people move from being who they think they should be, to bringing something utterly rebellious into the world - through their leadership, business ideas, and in their wider lives. We are reformers - we refuse to stay boxed in by someone else's way of doing things.


If you want a traditional business coaching experience, we are not for you.


If, however, you have a crazy idea that you think might just change the world, you are our people.

If you're tired of stuffy board rooms and are passionate about innovating your leadership and industry, give us a call. If you are tired of living a life you got convinced you should want and are passionate about creating

something new and vibrant, we can help. If you're ready for a rewrite, we might just be exactly what you need.


And you know what needs to change, right? Rogues always know.

Deep in their bones, they sense a new and better way to be.

Trust yourself. Trust that it's time to change the damn rules.

It's time to get your 'rebel' on, my friend.

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