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What is re:form?

The 're:form' process is the journey designed by Helen Cottee to help people live out the rogue element within themselves. This process has been carefully crafted using coaching techniques and methodologies, with an in-depth, researched understanding of how change happens on a personal and cultural level. Underpinned with a profound commitment to helping people make necessary changes to live lives that are free from the expectations of others, this process creates a domino effect.


When we see people tell a better story,

we want to carry it forward to tell a better story with our own lives.

Helen's obsession with change management started early when she worked as a teacher and was unable to accept an education system that worked for some kids but not all. She moved into special-ed to work with a variety of professionals to change the system. After getting married, having kids, and working in a large Evangelical Christian Church, Helen was able to understand even more how systems work at creating spaces for us to belong, but often with a price of conformity. After training as a coach, she decided to bring together her understanding of systems change, personal change, and the way humans are wired for both connection and autonomy, and wrote the first iteration of 'the reform process'. 

'Re:form' is the process of seeing where old forms are no longer working for many people. The 'form' is the boundaries, rules, and ways of being that make up a system. Whether this is a family system, faith system, education or government system - or wider social system, we are at a point in history where we know that the old ways need to change. We need a whole lot of rewrites, which means we need a whole lot of people brave and equipped enough to start rewriting the rules.


The 're:form' process was designed to deliver that equipping to people who know the 'form' of things in their world needs upgrading. Our families need an upgrade, our faith systems need an upgrade, our education system, and treatment of women and people of colour needs an upgrade. We need to make shifts in business and politics and in our religions.


We have allowed certain voices to define who we are for too long

- it's time for the rogues & rebels to raise their voices.

The re:form process has grown and developed over the years but Helen's passion for helping people find both freedom and fulfillment remains. She has worked with individuals, leaders and organisations to help them understand what it is that needs to change, and then to guide them to know how best to navigate that change. The process has seven stages and acts as a set of signposts leading people from old, unhelpful mindsets that are created by the expectations of others, through a process of unravelling or 'deconstruction' to create enough space for something new to be rebuilt on the other side. Worldviews are changed when people are brave enough to question to narrative they got handed about who they should be and what they could never be. Creating a 'roadmap' gives handrails to those who know that old stories need to be rewritten and old rules need to be questioned and changed.

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