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At Rogues & Rebels, we are committed to helping you achieve freedom and alignment in all areas of your life. Our coaching programs are designed to support you as you start to get out from under the expectations of others and the old ways of doing things - so you can create a life, business, and way of being you love.

We offer group coaching programs which are delivered online, & 1-1 coaching for individuals and leaders who would like to do a personalised deep dive into reforming and rewriting the rules they live by.

Coaching Programs

R&R Group Coaching Process

Launching three times per year, the online coaching process is a group experience led by a coach who will help you navigate the process of reforming an area of your life that you know needs to change. 

If you find yourself thinking, 'This isn't working' or, 'There has to be a better way to... (fill in the gap)' then this coaching process is for you.

We have helped people re-write the rules in their work, at home, in their marriages, in their faith, when it comes to gender or leadership or body image... If you know something within you is asking for a better way to be... this four-month process will guide you to creating it.

Eight 60-minute group coaching sessions, over four months. The next cohort launches in January 2024.

£400 payable upfront or in monthly installments of £100.


1-1 Life Coaching

This eight-session coaching process is designed to take you through the re:form process in an individualised and bespoke way. You will meet with your coach eight times over four months to rewrite the rules in an area of your life that you know isn't working and needs to change.

Tired of living by an old set of rules? Do you sense there's a better way? Are you curious about what could be possible if you got a little bit braver and started to question the expectations of others that seem to rule your life? It's time to go rogue. 

Not for the sake of it, but for the freedom of it. Living by someone else's rules keeps us stuck and small, having to squeeze yourself into broken systems is soul-destroying, staying in something that is bleeding you dry because it's 'the right thing to do' is not serving you. 

We have helped people rewrite the rules in their marriages, at work, in their faith, within family systems and friendship groups, in their identity, their health, in their role as parents... and many more. Wherever you know that you are out of alignment and need a new script, you are able to walk out the process of 're:form'.

£400 per month for two 50-minute sessions and support inbetween. 

Four-month contract.


1-1 Leadership Coaching

We are at a unique point in history where systems are shifting and the leaders who are at the helm during these shifts are the ones who are creating purposeful change. Hello rogue leaders. You are our people.

In this six-month 1-1 leadership coaching journey, Helen brings her expertise in business and leadership coaching to help you redefine the world you work and lead in. She'll help you become a game-changer.

This package is offered to leaders within businesses, those leading their own small businesses, or those working as entrepreneurs. It is also available to leaders in faith systems, non-profits, and those working in social systems such as education, health, and welfare.

If you know you want to lead differently or lead your people through a period of change, this bespoke leadership program will help you gain clarity, make bold action steps, redefine the space you lead in, and help you know how to bring others along for the journey.  You will be pushed, championed, encouraged, held accountable, challenged, and ultimately released to bring something new and unique into the world. 

£600 per month for two 50-minute sessions and support inbetween.

Six-month contract.

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